An Australian rules football tipping application  
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User Research
Brand & Identity
User Interface Design
Wire Frames
Prototype Animation
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Research Methodologies
Competitive & Comparative Analysis
User Interview
User Survey

Social group Fitz Tips need a more streamlined, sophisticated platform, so that members can tip, communicate and connect seamlessly.
Project Goals
 Identify previous & current app UI/UX issues that have perpetually frustrated members
2  Create a stronger sense of community and connection between members
 Develop and build a singular platform that enables user to connect & communicate freely  
 Design a clean, sophisticated brand that aligns with with the young, professional members
Our aim was to gather qualitative & quantitative data from members regarding their overall user experience to guide the design development. ​​​​​​​
 Document and synthesis member's established concerns an pain points (current platform wall comments / emails / social media comments)
2  Create & conduct survey - include visuals to mark-up and annotate
 SWOT Analysis  
 Competitor app/website content analysis
Competitor Heuristic Analysis
Where Can Improvements
Be Made?
Fortunately the competitor market size is very limited. There are only 3 key competitors worth analysing - all of which have been utilised over the past decade by Fitz Tips members.
Key findings
Match between system and the real world:
All three platforms fails to utilise language that ties in with the Australian Rules vernacular. 
Aesthetic and minimalist design:
Oztips and Footytips fall short in the interface design due to proximity concerns, low contrast and poor alignment decisions - thus hindering functionality and lowering the end user's satisfaction levels.
Oztips and Footytips common use of mid greys and small scale of graphic components are a major concern for vision impairment.
Indirect Competitive Analysis
Benchmarking Your Product
Sports graphics have shifted drastically in recent times. Leagues, clubs and athletic products/brands are creating dynamic, high-energy, simplistic imagery & interfaces. Below is a collection of high profile brands that have set a standard and expectation for the Fitz Tip brand and identity. 
Considerations and commonalities are: 
- Dark, dramatic backgrounds
- Condensed, Sans Serif typefaces
- Vibrant colors
- Use of icons & infographics
- Simplistic layouts with comfortable proximity
Design System
Ice Boxed
Yes, business circumstances can become unpredictable and put pro bono projects on hold. Unfortunately, Marby was forced to prioritise their business goals and 'ice box' the Fitz Tips project.
Regardless, I found time to flesh out a basic MVP and and prototype animation.
Key Subpages
Tipping & Leaderbord
Viable Product

Mission Statement
To facilitate a sophisticated digital tipping management platform that channels donations to benefit mental and physical health in Australian communities.
Next Steps
 Create a basic prototype to commence user testing
 Start build with development team
 Experiment with 'scrappy' animation/motion 
 Research animations and transitions 
 Discuss the integration of donations with dev. team 
 Ship product to test and iterate
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